Sunday, February 26, 2017

Poached Egg & Kale Salad

Greetings!! Each week I make a batch of quinoa that I use to sprinkle on my salads as a garnish.  I cook it in chicken stock with a garlic clove, freshly grated turmeric and ginger and make sure it's super al dente with a little crunch to it- about 13 minutes total cook time.

I've surprised myself by making another successful 365 days of rotation around the sun and now that I am officially middle aged, it's time to really get serious about being super diligent with my health and diet. It's an uphill battle! But this salad is a terrific way to start the day, enjoy for lunch or dinner with some fresh soup. Since I haven't logged on in ages, thought I'd add this to my recipe bank for future reference.

2 poached eggs
1.5 cups kale, rinsed, dried and "massaged" to soften it
3 tbs cooked quinoa
1 strip of crispy nitrate free bacon- torn
Your favorite vinaigrette
Sea salt and fresh cracked pepper
Balsamic glaze for drizzling
(options- sliced almonds, tangerine segments, avocado- skies the limit)

Lately on Sundays, along with making quinoa, I have been making homemade chicken stock in the pressure cooker and a batch of either pork or turkey bacon in the oven to keep on hand for quick breakfast or garnishes. I used to hate breakfast as I don't have an appetite in the morning- but I'm forcing myself to have a little bite of protein or something. I find a cup of hot stock or a nibble of breakfast salad has done wonders for my energy levels. That and Whole Foods Vitamin B shot- waaaay better for me than coffee! I feel really fortunate to be alive and well and enjoying life- both the ups and the downs (those make us more aware and teach us lessons on how we can be better people in this world- I have a lot more learning to do) Here's to health and happiness!!

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