Saturday, June 2, 2012

Dining in Bee Cave: The Riviera Bistro

We took a friend with Celiacs for dinner one evening. I have to say, I've done the whole GF thing and frankly, I always felt that I was sacrificing something.

Riviera Bistro delivered, and then some. The space is small, but cute, and I like how they have created a more defined space for themselves apart from the yoga studio. As much as I love yoga, I don't want to think about it when I'm about to devour some of the crispiest, most flavorful calamari I've ever tasted. My husband is pretty picky when it comes to calamari, and the fact that it was breaded with potato flour and perfectly flash fried and presented with a nice trio of sauces, (Basil mayo was the winner in my group), prompted him to declare it a new fave.

We also tried the chickpea bread which tasted so lovely, salty, almost a bit like curry, and had a soft and light consistency unlike most GF breads.

For our main courses, our lovely friend had the crispy salmon with polenta and she raved about it. I had the perfectly seared Scallops with red pepper polenta  and a cheesy veggie stack that tasted like veggie lasagna- minus the noodles of course. The serving size looks small and delicate upon initial presentation, but that must have been an optical illusion as I couldn't finish my plate.

My husband ordered the pork tenderloin with their GF mac n' cheese and he was  truly amazed about the al dente texture of the macaroni. I tried it, and it could stand up to any wheat noodle mac n' cheese dish found at most higher end places. This kitchen and chef know what they are doing...

And so does the wait staff. Our server was a gregarious and passionate lady that helped us make excellent choices not only for dinner but for our wine. She embodies the spirit of great customer service and really created a fabulous experience for us.

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