Sunday, May 6, 2012

Simple Fruit Compote with Cream Cheese

Now that the oppressive Texas summer heat has settled in and pulled up a chair for the next several warm and toasty months, I find myself craving fruits to make the months with my nemesis, the heat, more bearable.

Tonight I whipped up a fast and easy dessert that lends the satisfaction of a crumble or cobbler, minus the dough. It's just so easy and a truly satisfying. Simply keep about some organic, frozen fruit  such as mixed berries, peaches, mangoes, fresh banana and herbs such as mint, lavendar or even basil. A grate of fresh ginger really zings the whole thing right up.

A bottle of that tasty elderflower liqueur, "St. Germaine" gave me a gentle calling from the spirits cabinet and begged me to join the party.  As did the little tub of whipped cream cheese and honey pecan nuts from my ice box (Why am I using these antebellum terms??)

Anyway, here's how I whipped up the easiest and most sparkly dessert on the fly:

Heat a non stick pan over medium-high heat.
Place 1 tbs organic coconut oil over medium setting and 1 banana sliced in diagonal pieces. Sprinkle some good sea salt on the bananas. Let them brown about 3 minutes. Then throw in a handful of whatever frozen fruits you have from the icebox and turn up the heat till they sizzle a bit. About 30 seconds to a minute depending on the fieriness of your stove. Add a splash or two of St. Germain to kick it up. Simmer it down a few seconds, all the time spinning and flipping the fruits about in the tasty liquor. Add candied nuts, chopped herbs and swirl the pan a few times. Pour the contents into a small dish and serve with a dollop of cream cheese, or whipped cream or ice cream. I had cream cheese and it was divine. Enjoy!

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