Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Baking Artisan Bread on the Big Green Egg

Who knew bread baking was so easy??

Easy Artisan Bread Recipe
6.5 cups bread flour
3.5 cups warm wheat or kolsch beer  (110 degrees)
1.5 TBS each sea salt and active yeast

In a mixer, add yeast and beer (it really makes the yeast ZING!), let rest 5 minutes.
add salt and while mixer is rotating on low, incorporate flour until the mix is wet. It will be STICKY!!! At this point you could add seasonings such as chopped herbs or just leave it.
Pour the whole thing into a 1/2 gallon size oiled plastic container. Cover with lid, but don't seal!

About 4 hours later the whole thing will have risen, then it will implode on itself. Seal the lid and put it in the fridge for at least 24 hours. It will last about a week. It freezes well and if you want to make your bread really, really tasty, incorporate a little bit of the original dough into a new batch weekly and the flavor will intensify each week.

Once you are ready to bake, simply place parchment paper on a cookie sheet, lightly flour, add  about 1 pound of dough and form into a tight ball. Cover with moist towel (not terry cloth) and let it rise another 1.5 hours.

Meanwhile, if you have a Big Green Egg, Light her up to 500 degrees with a baking stone. Just before baking, place a tin pan filled with water until it steams. Cut a .5 inch slit with a serrated, wet knife on top of the bread. Slide the bread and parchment paper on it, cover with a turkey foil pan and let it bake 20 minutes with the green egg lid closed...

Remove the turkey pan (the steam is what makes a crusty crust), bake another 20 minutes until the bread temperature reads at 200. you are all done!! For a great video on this, look HERE

Want to really spice things up?? Make NAAN! I simply divided my dough in half, and in the mixer added 1 cup milk, one egg and 1 TBS sugar, let it rest for an hour, rolled it with a floured pin and made naan to go with our Tandoori chicken.

or Clover Rolls...


  1. recipe worked perfectly. thanks

  2. Bravo!! Hats off to you. I so miss eating bread. Your post makes me want to ditch the diet, go home and make some right now.

  3. Hang in there Griffin- I am now gluten free, so I just look at this post or make for friends. My health is much more important and so is yours :) read the book, "Wheat Belly". Pretty eye opening...

  4. That is gorgeous bread! Thanks for sharing! We just checked out the BGE in Austin this weekend.


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