Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Whole Foods has Arrived in Bee Cave!!!!

Since it's Grand opening on May 16 less than a mile from my home, I've ventured into my new Whole Foods almost daily to purchase something fresh and exciting for dinner. The best part? I can ride my bike with my cute little basket and buy only what I need for the day!!

I used to drive all the way from school in San Marcos in the early 90's to the little Lamar locations just to seek out great ingredients and some tips from the staff on techniques for cooking. In recent years, I've been stockpiling my locally sourced and humanely raised meats and sustainable fishes from the downtown WFM location.

UNTIL NOW!!!!! At the grand opening I quietly wandered through the masses of onlookers and it rather reminded me of what I refer to as "amateur night" at WFM every year before the holidays, but I can see how wonderful this place will be once the hoopla dies down.

For someone like me who is truly passionate about supporting local farmers, hormone free foods and humanely raised animals the opening makes this the most welcomed addition to my area and I know it will make a positive and healthy impact on the community. The cute little bar upstairs seemed a wee bit overwhelmed on opening night but I can't wait to take home a "growler" of Maui Brewing CoCoNut Porter and some 512 dip.

Welcome, Whole Foods- I've been looking forward to being neighbors for almost a decade. Better late than never.

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